What is Domain Name and How it Works?

In this article we are going to discuss about domain names, what is domain, how it helps to get access via unique name etc. Basically it is the address of website that people type in the browser and visit your site. Website can be described as a house and domain name will be its address. I hope this article will be helpful and you will learn what is a domain name and how do domains work. You will need to Buy Domain Names from domain registrar.

In the start when net was infant, everyone wanted to establish a unique system that would help to identify every computer on web and allow them to communicate. A domain name is an identity which defines the gateway within the internet. Domain names are made and registered on Domain Name System (DNS), it works like a directory. Domain names are used in many different networking contexts and also for application-specific naming and addressing purposes.

Imagine having all people in the world without having the way in which to talk between them. To solve that problem, we generated phone numbers and directories that would connect people with their phone number. Same as with people, we had to get a way to recognize each computer and locate it as a way to be certain it receives the data planned to it. In the place of a conventional phone publication, we created DNS. Your domain name is connected to the Specific IP address of your site it functions as the web address of one’s Internet site.

In general, a domain name represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource, like a personal computer used to gain access to the Internet, a host computer hosting a web site, or even the site itself or any other service communication via web. In 2017, 330.6 million domain names were enrolled.

Though the DNS root domain is nameless but still it organizes domain names on subordinate levels. There are few levels of domain names first l level is TLDs (Top level domains) such as com, net, edu and org. After top level domains, there come the second level domains (SLD) which are called DNS hierarchy, then third level domains which are reserved for end-users who connect local area networks to the internet.

Another level of domain name is the name of your own site, “mom.me” or even “domain” for instance. Everything which comes after the dot is a top level domain name, sometimes called “domain name”, and in this case that’s .ME. Together, SLD and TLD form what is known as a domain name or your own web site’s address.

Domain name is address of your website that we type in the browser URL bar to visit a website. Computers connected to one another by way of a worldwide network of wires. Each computer on this system can talk to other computers. To spot them, every computer is assigned by IP address. It is a collection of statistics that identify a specific computer on the internet. ( Now an IP address like this is quite difficult to recall. Domain names were devised to address this problem.

The name of a website is domain.com, which you type in the browser whenever you need to check new posts on our blog. A name will suggest the type of a website or topic of that site e.g., apple.com, Brightside.com etc. We should know about URL as well if we want to understand domain name. URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a sequence of letters and numbers. It specifically opens a page/pic/video or anything you want to see. HTTPs:// also represents a transfer protocol of a web page it allows to give access on website. It also adds a layer of security on information.

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